Emory Hall’s journey as a travel photographer and visual journalist began over six years ago when she traveled to Nepal. Exploring the most remote regions of the country, she carried with her only a backpack, a camera and her journal. During these journeys, her camera became a creative outlet and powerful tool that helped her share all that she was witnessing, feeling and experiencing. There her life’s passion was ignited, which would ultimately lead her to her career as a photographer and take her around the world to India, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia.

Throughout her travels, Emory has had the privilege of connecting with a range of cultures, observing their unique traditions and ways of life. She has documented personal accounts from a diversity of communities that are facing deeply complex challenges in our ever-changing world. She has lived alongside Tibetan refugees in India, worked with political prisoners and displaced peoples on the border of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), learned from Aboriginal Elders in the bush of eastern Australia, studied in Zen monasteries in the mountains of Taiwan, spent weeks in remote villages in the Nepal Himalaya, researched the mystical practices of Sufism in Rumi’s ancient town of Konya, Turkey, taught English to novice monks in rural Thailand, along with many other transformative experiences. With her camera as her instrument, and her journal as her outlet, Emory has attempted with her work to inspire others, to bring awareness to important global issues, and to give a voice to those whose circumstances inhibit that.


LA Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, Design Aglow, Examiner.com, Tattoo.com, VEVO, RunningOnOm, ECS Nepal, Healthy Life Nepal, and more.


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Selected pieces | Wanderlust Hollywood | Los Angeles, CA | Current

In 2010, while studying in India, Emory met her husband, musician Trevor Hall. For the past three years, she has worked as his creative director, touring with him across the United States and internationally. Emory designed the artwork for three of his latest musical albums – Chapter of the Forest, Unpack Your Memories, and KALAas well as produced and directed many of his music videos, album trailers and more.